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Mission Statement

Pharmaceutica’s mission is to become the partner of choice in the development and licensing of anti-infective technologies that combat the problems caused by the rise of antibiotic resistance in bacteria throughout human and veterinary medicine worldwide.


Pharmaceutica Limited is a privately owned pharmaceutical company founded in March 2003, to discover and develop a new generation of anti-infective drug technologies that combat the increasing problem caused by the rapid evolution of resistance by pathogenic organisms. The company is targeting both human and veterinary applications for its technologies.

The initial focus is to find a solution to the growing problem of antibiotic resistance in bacteria. For more than twenty years, the founders of Pharmaceutica have been searching for a solution to this problem and have discovered certain molecules that are capable of transforming antibiotic resistant bacteria into antibiotic-susceptible bacteria. These molecules, known as Bacterial Transforming Agents, may be combined with existing antibiotics to produce new drugs which are active against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, including methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (‘MRSA’). Such drugs could also be used in first-line treatment of bacterial infections to prevent the emergence of new antibiotic resistance.


Pharmaceutica intends to become a fully integrated pharmaceutical company by developing novel anti-infective drugs, through internal drug discovery efforts, strategic partnerships and the opportunistic acquisition of companies that are consistent with the company’s growth objectives.

The key elements of strategy include:

  • Advance the development of current discovery programs.
  • Discover and develop novel therapeutic agents for the treatment of infection.
  • Form corporate collaborations to support development and commercialisation of the company’s products.

Pharmaceutica will provide presentations to the financial and scientific communities and will participate in appropriate national and international conferences


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